Friday, 31 May 2013

Thrifty Friday?

I should never be allowed into charity shops. I will end up buying bagfuls of stuff, adding to my crafty tool-set and excitedly stocking up that Home of My Own looming in the distant future. Sometimes I feel a little silly for that, but hopefully it'll all work out in my favour in the end. And if not, it was only a few pounds, right? Hehe!

As I go on little charity shop raids pretty regularly, I thought it might be nice to have a weekly feature of the cute and interesting things I pick up. 

This week's a bit of a bumper-issue. After a quick jaunt to my local RSPCA last week, I went to visit relatives and ended up on an expedition to the many charity shops in Chichester. (I may have fallen desperately in love with their Cath Kidston store that day. Those fabrics!) So here's some photos of all I acquired this last week. The background for most of these is one of the gorgeous yellow gingham curtains I picked up for £5 - they're huge, and perfect for the patchwork quilt I'll be starting in the summer!

More photos below the cut!